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A Place For Grace

A Place For Grace
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Walter's Muse
Walter's Muse

Walter’s Muse is the eagerly awaited second book in Jean Davies Okimoto’s island trilogy. It follows Okimoto’s debut novel for adults, The Love Ceiling, a Season’s Reading Pick of the King County Library System, selected by booksellers for the Indie Next Reading Group List, and the winner for ebook fiction in the 2009 Indie Next Generation Awards.

It’s the first summer of her retirement and librarian Maggie Lewis is relishing the unfolding of sweet summer days on Vashon Island: walking on the beach, reading the classics, and kayaking. But in June when a sudden storm hits the island, Maggie’s summer becomes about as peaceful as navigating white water. Not only does her wealthy sister arrive uninvited with a startling announcement; but Maggie finds herself entangled with her new Baker’s Beach neighbor, Walter Hathaway. A famous children’s author and recovering alcoholic, Walter has a history with Maggie they would each like to forget.

The Love Ceiling
The Love Ceiling

After the death of her Japanese American mother, sixty-four year old Anne Koroda Duppstaad finds the courage to confront the toxic legacy of her father, a famous artist and cruel narcissist. When a former art professor invites her to an island art studio, she begins pursuing her life-long dream to become an artist in her own right. But the needs of her family tug at her heart. Her thirty-two year old daughter’s love-life is falling apart and Annie’s husband, facing retirement, struggles with depression, leading her to conclude: “There is a glass ceiling for women. . .and it’s made out of the people we love.”

Winston of Churchill was a great white bear. Every year in the late fall and early winter, Winston and the other polar bears came to hunt from the ice of Hudson Bay near the town of Churchill, in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Dear Ichiro
Dear Ichiro

Eight-year-old Henry and his friend Oliver are having a fight. When Henry gets a time-out, he wishes Oliver would get one too — for life. "I hate Oliver," he says. "He's my enemy. I'll hate him forever." The day takes a turn when Grampa Charlie takes Henry to a baseball game. Charlie, a World War II veteran, cheers on the Seattle Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki and Kazuhiro Sasaki, and his enthusiasm for the Japanese players paves the way for Henry and Oliver's reconciliation. In the tradition of Baseball Saved Us, Jean Davies Okimoto's heartwarming story and Doug Keith's whimsical illustrations offer a message of hope.

To Jaykae: Life Stinx
To Jaykae:
Life Stinx

Sixteen-year-old Jason feels alone and misunderstood when his best friend moves away, his father plans to remarry, and his step-brother-to-be is a high school basketball star, until he starts an online relationship with a girl from Hawaii.

The White Swan Express
The White Swan Express

In China, the moon shines on four baby girls, fast asleep in an orphanage. Far away in North America, the sun rises over four homes as the people who live there get ready to start a long, exciting journey. This lovely story of people who travel to China to be united with their daughters describes the adoption process step by step and the anxiety, suspense, and delight of becoming a family. Told with tenderness and humor, and enlivened by joyous illustrations, The White Swan Express will go straight to readers’ hearts. Afterword.

Molly By Any Other Name
Molly By Any
Other Name

An adopted Asian-American teen searches for her birth mother in this classic adoption story.

Talent Night
Talent Night

A humorous contemporary novel of a bi-racial teen and his search for identity.

Lonesome and painfully shy, 16-year-old Jason drools over the personal ads until he meets beautiful Thao Nguyen and her elderly sponsor.

Blumpoe Grumpoe Meets Arnold the Cat
Blumpoe Grumpoe
Meets Arnold
the Cat

A grumpy old man and a shy young cat form an unlikely friendship at a Minnesota inn which provides its guests with a cat for the night.

Take a Chance Gramps!

Janie Higgins is all set to enter seventh grade. She's excited about going to a new school and making new friends -- especially since her oldest friend, Alicia, will be starting school with her. But disaster strikes when Janie learns that Alicia and her family are moving clear across the country! Now she has to start a new school...alone. Worse, she's lost her best friend forever. Janie isn't the only one coping with a loss, however, as she discovers when she tries to "cheer up" her recently widowed grandfather. What she learns is that -- young or old -- if you want something good to happen, you have to take a chance.