Jean Davies Okimoto


A Place for Grace

A Place for Grace
(Teacher's Guide)

No Dear, Not Here

Molly by Any Other Name

It's Just Too Much
(sequel to My Mother is Not Married to My Father)

My Mother is Not Married to My Father

Short Stories, Plays

First Crossing

No Easy Answers


Join In: Multiethnic Stories



Center Stage


   Walter's Muse (Endicott & Hugh Books, 2012)
   Maya and the Cotton Candy Boy (Endicott & Hugh Books, 2011)
   The Love Ceiling (Endicott & Hugh Books, 2009)
   To JayKae: Life Stinx (Tor,1999)
   The Eclipse of Moonbeam Dawson (Tor,1997)
   Talent Night (Little, Brown,1995)
   Take A Chance, Gramps! (Little, Brown,1990)
   Molly By Any Other Name (Scholastic,1990)
   Jason’s Women (Atlantic Monthly Press/​Little, Brown,1986)
   Who Did It, Jenny Lake? (Putnam,1983)
   Norman Schnurman, Average Person (Putnam,1982)
   It’s Just Too Much (Putnam,1980)
   My Mother Is Not Married To My Father (Putnam,1979)

Picture Books:
   Winston of Churchill: One Bear's Battle Against Global Warming (Sasquatch Books, 2007)
   The White Swan Express (Clarion Books, 2002)
   Dear Ichiro (Kumagai Press, 2002)
   No Dear, Not Here (Sasquatch,1995)
   A Place For Grace (Sasquatch,1993)
   Blumpoe The Grumpoe Meets Arnold The Cat (Little, Brown,1990)

Short Stories:
   “My Favorite Chaperone” (First Crossing, Candlewick, 2004)
   “Watching Fran” (Scholastic/​Scope,1998)
   “Eva and the Mayor” (No Easy Answers, Delacourte,1997)
   “Next Month...Hollywood!” (Join In, 1993 Delacourte)
   “Moonbeam Dawson And The Killer Bear” (Connections, Delacourte,1989)
   “Jason The Quick And The Brave” (Visions, Delacourte,1987)

   Uncle Hideki and the Empty Nest (ReAct Theatre, 2006)
   Uncle Hideki (Produced Northwest Asian American Theatre,1995)
   Hum It Again, Jeremy (Center Stage, HarperCollins, 1990)

   Boomerang Kids: How to Live with Adult Children Who Return Home (co-author Phyllis Jackson Stegall, Little, Brown, 1987)